What Fastbraces Technology Can do for You Thanks to Your Leading Orthodontist in Cannon Hill

Using Fastbraces technology is just one of the many things that makes Lumiere Dental a leading orthodontist in Cannon Hill and helps our patients remain comfortable during their treatment and keep everything affordable. Above all else, we are in the business of satisfying our patients, and Fastbraces is just one of the most recent methods we’ve been using to ensure that happens. We strive to provide you with a variety of options for your orthodontic treatment, and we’re confident that this will be one you’ll like.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces are one of the most recent innovations in orthodontic technology. Developed with safety in mind, Fastbraces cost less than traditional braces and also allow treatments to be completed quicker without compromising your final results. Fastbraces utilises a unique, patented triangular bracket design that allows for the use of just one wire. Fastbraces work in just a few months, and some patients see results in just a few weeks!

Lumiere Dental are Your Go-To Orthodontist in Cannon Hill

To see results quickly, contact Lumiere Dental at your earliest convenience so that we can get started down the road to getting you the smile you’ve always wanted. Using Fastbraces and a variety of other cutting edge and tried and true orthodontic practices, we can get you in and out of treatment comfortably, affordably, and successfully. We look forward to talking with you and assessing your exact needs so that we can customise a treatment plan for you.