Are You Looking for a Dentist in Carindale?

Do you need emergency dental care, or are you looking for preventative dentistry for your family? Simply schedule an appointment with our family friendly clinic. At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we truly care about providing patients with quality care. This is why our staff comprises of some of Carindale’s top dentists!

We have been operating our Carindale dental clinic for nearly twenty years and in that time, we’ve had great success. At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we are passionate about providing patients with the best, most professional and experienced dentistry in Carindale. Here, we care about our patients.

Why Choose Us? Because You Deserve to Have the Finest Dentists in Carindale!

We are both a highly professional and compassionate dental clinic. Carindale residents can enjoy the benefits of having a conveniently located dental clinic where the dentists really respect our patients. At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we care about providing every patient with quality dental care and excellent service, which is why we are a team of the most experienced, qualified dentists in Carindale. Each dentist on our team brings a different specialty to the clinic to ensure that no matter the problem, each patient will receive treatment from a competent, qualified dentist.

To provide every patient with high-quality care, we’ve invested in state of the art technology. Additionally, we provide Carindale with dentist appointments that can accommodate many different schedules. We stay open late on most weekdays and even offer residents of Carindale dentist appointments on Saturdays. Alternatively, our Carindale dental clinic opens early on Thursday mornings to ensure easy access to top quality dentistry. No matter what your schedule looks like, we’re here to ensure there’s always time for routine dental appointments.

An Affordable Carindale Dental Clinic

At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we believe that everyone should be able to afford regular quality dentistry. We know how imperative regular appointments and preventative care is to patients, which is why we take pride in providing interest-free payment plans for all our patients. With our convenient Carindale dental clinic, all patients requiring either emergency or preventative dentistry in Carindale can have access to high-quality, affordable care. When it comes to dentistry, you can’t afford to go without it.

We understand how frustrating it can be when dental clinics refuse to give patients up front pricing or provide them with all available options for their care. At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we respect our patients and always offer up-front options in all treatment plans and their associated costs. To keep treatment affordable and let our patients decide what’s really in their best interest, we will always offer all options. We work with our patients, not against them. Finding a caring dentist in Carindale should always be uncomplicated. You can count on us to keep your dental care affordable and state-of-the-art. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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