Fixed Braces and Clear Aligner Orthodontic Providers

We understand no matter the age seeing an orthodontist to get one’s teeth straightened can be quite intimidating.  There is a perception orthodontics to be painful, unsightly to wear and  time-consuming – usually taking over two years to complete.   Thanks to modern dentistry our patients atLumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd  have access to two of the most technologically advanced methods of orthodontics that make the process comfortable, painless and fast. Invisalign and Fastbraces are two great examples of such innovative teeth straightening systems.

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Invisalign is a very popular straightening treatment that is commonly referred to as “invisible braces” or “clear aligners” or “clear braces”.

It uses a series of aligners that are made from thin, clear plastic.  When worn on your teeth, the aligners are much less noticeable than traditional braces that consist of wires and brackets. Invisalign offers patients a discreet method of undergoing treatment without attracting any unnecessary attention.


Fastbraces® Technology was developed with safety in mind allowing the system to be fast and affordable without compromising patient care. Fastbraces® Technology uses a unique, patented bracket design that is triangular shaped. The triangular shaped bracket allows for the use of just one wire. Now, patients can get a beautiful, straight smile in as little as a few months. Some patients see results in just a few weeks!

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