We do not want to spoil the fun, but it is important that parents and caregivers are aware of the risks associated with eating sour lollies.  It has been reported that young children have suffered terrible burns on their tongue and gums after eating sour lollies.

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Sour lollies have become very popular in Australia and other parts of the world nnd unfortunately, this highly acidic sweet has left young children with severe chemical burns on their tongues.
There is a warning on the packaging,  and hope we communicate of the potential and very real danger – and hence we do not recommend consuming them.  There is no doubt that sour lollies are quite acidic and can cause severe burns. We would definitely not recommend them for young children and certainly adults and older children to be consumed with caution and moderation.

The reason they can be very dangerous is due to their high PH, which can cause chemical burns. To better understand, a neutral PH has a value of 7, and the lower the number, the more acidic the product.
Vinegar has a PH of 3, while stomach acid has a ph of 1.
Sour lollies typically have a PH of 3 to a PH of 1. This is really way to acidic to safely consume.
Sucking on these lollies especially if they are left in the mouth for a while, can cause “burning” of soft tissue, such as the gums around the cheek or tongue.
Allow your mouth to return to normal PH levels before brushing. Consuming foods with low PH will also effect the enamel of the teeth.