The popularity of Detox Fruit Waters have been on the rise.   The internet is saturated with news on how to detoxify and rid your body of toxins with so many combinations of drinks recommended its hard to resist.  With ingredients such as mint, watermelon , lemon, cucumbers, kiwi fruit, even cayanne pepper on the list the benefits must be there.

Detox Drink Claim to: detoxifying the liver and aiding in flushing out toxins, a boost of vitamin c from the lemons ( or citrus) , a blood purifier, weight loss benefits, hormone balancer and more.  If you choose to drink these detoxing waters throughout your day it is best to be mindful of some of the drawbacks.

Citrus erodes Enamel

Brush your teeth before your lemony beverage, or wait an hour.  Acid softens enamel, so brushing too soon after consuming acidic foos and drink can aid in erosion.

Rinse your mouth out with purified water after you drink the lemon water.

Drink through a straw and be sure not to swish the lemon water around your mouth.

Drink the lemon water within a few minutes , rather than sipping on it all morning.

Too much acidity can cause heartburn.  If your prone to heartburn, discuss whether you should be drinking the detox water with your doctor.

Lastly, when you visit our Oral Therapist Nargis, or one of our  Dentists Dr Paul Sideris, Dr Christian Curran, Dr Daniella Brown or Dr Trent Davidson they will certainly let you know if you are showing any signs of enamel erosion, and will let you know what to avoid and what to do to minimise any more damage.  Our phone number is 07 3890 0254.

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