Looking for a Morningside Orthodontist with Flexible Hours? Try Central Dentists Tingalpa

Finding time to make it to the dentist or orthodontist can be difficult. Whether you are making an appointment for yourself and have conflicting work hours, or are trying to get a son or daughter in to see the dentist without having to pull them out of school, finding a practice with flexible hours is important.

If you’ve been looking for a Morningside orthodontist with flexible hours, look no further than Central Dentists Tingalpa. We are your one-stop shop for oral health care in the Brisbane area. Not only was our schedule designed with busy nine-to-fivers in mind, but we are also versatile in the services we offer. Indeed, at Central Dentists Tingalpa, we are capable of handling both dental and orthodontic services. So whether you’re dealing with a toothache or are interested in getting braces, we can help!

At Central Dentists Tingalpa, our schedule makes us especially unique among Morningside dentists and orthodontists. We work well into the evenings during the week (until 6 p.m. on Mondays, and until 7:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays), and also have Saturday hours available. Whether the conflict is work, school or another regular obligation, you can surely find a time to make an appointment with Central Dentists Tingalpa.

Make Central Dentists Tingalpa your Morningside orthodontist today! You can learn more about our practice or view our full business hours by visiting our website at https://www.centraldentiststingalpa.com.au/dentists-brisbane. If you wish to make an appointment, just give our office a call on 07 38900254.