Pay us a Visit at Our Morningside Dental Clinic!

Everyone knows that dentist appointments are often awkward and uncomfortable, and occasionally downright painful. But they don’t always have to be so dreadful. At Central Dental Tingalpa, we strive to provide our patients with exceptional care from attentive and caring dentists. Morningside residents can now enjoy our full range of dental and orthodontic services without any unnecessary anxiety.

At Central Dental Tingalpa, we are passionate about dentistry. We understand that everyone should have access to all the things that can keep their smile bright, and this is why have dedicated ourselves to skilful and supportive service.

Providing Professional Dentists to Morningside

We are proud to say that we’ve brought only the best dentists to Morningside. All members of our team bring a wealth of experience as professional dentists to our clinic. Additionally, each dentist is also equipped with an area of expertise unique to our clinic to ensure that all our patients will be treated by the most qualified, most knowledgeable professional available. No matter what the problem is, or if you’re merely concerned with preventing problems, we have well-trained professionals ready to treat you to your smile a little bit brighter.

Additionally, for those seeking straight teeth, we offer the patented Fastbraces® technology, made to align teeth in a much quicker time than traditional braces. Fastbraces® work with the use of triangular shaped brackets and a single wire as opposed to the use of many rubber bands. Fastbraces® give some patients results in as little as a few weeks while others experience the full benefits of well-aligned teeth in just a few months. Traditional braces can take months or even years to provide results, and aren’t nearly as comfortable as Fastbraces®.

At Central Dental Tingalpa, we offer a full range of dental services including cosmetic dentistry, crowns, routine cleanings, as well as fast braces and much more. Since we care about giving our patients the best possible care, we’ve not only found the best dentists in Morningside, we’ve also invested in state of the art dental technology. We believe that everyone should have the best in dental care, and we do everything in our power to keep everyone’s smile big and bright for a long time.

Why We Strive to be the Best Dentists in Morningside

At Central Dental Tingalpa, we are proud to say that we are the preferred providers in Morningside for dentists as well as oral health therapists. In our nearly twenty years of operating our Morningside dental clinic, we’ve seen our business grow with significant success. We know that this is because we’ve never lost sight of what’s truly important in high-quality dental care: the patient. Everyone deserves to have comprehensive dental care. That is why we work hard to ensure that every visit is quick, easy, and well executed. Call us today to learn more about our dentistry services and Fastbraces®!