I have had the pleasure of being treated by principal dentist Paul Sideris for well over 10 years now, and despite moving over an hours drive away many years ago, would never consider going anywhere else. Paul is friendly, professional and caring, and goes out of his way to ensure that you are comfortable. I went from being a patient who was genuinely terrified of a trip to the dentist to now looking forward to my visit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and his practice to family and friends, and have done so on many occasions.



Good Morning,

I wanted to write this letter to express my deepest thanks for your treatment you have provided for me. Words often can’t express the full appreciation I have, however I hope that I can with this letter.

We have just received back our photos from our wedding and they would be a shadow of what they are if I didn’t seek your help. My wife is very happy ( which makes me twice as happy with the work) that I can smile with a full set of pearly whites instead of the disjointed and unhealthy teeth that were there only ten months back. While I know there is still work to be done, the work that has been done only added to the wedding experience.

Ten months ago I came to you because of my upcoming wedding and we developed an action plan that addressed the most urgent needs of my teeth, the cosmetic needs of the upcoming wedding and also fitted in with the personal situation faced. To be honest, when I first came to you, I was scared of dentists and probably why there was such a time delay between visits to a dentist. Now , I have no hesitation sitting back and enjoying dental work.

I have enclosed a picture for you, that shows your great work which I hope you are very proud of.

Your professionalism, expertise and caring nature shone through like a beacon in the night and I would have no hesitation recommending you and your practice to anyone.

Thank you very much,

( picture included in letter withheld )

Christian is a fantastic dr. This dentist makes it easy and convient . Thank you for all you help.

Review for Dr Christian Curran

Dr Paul Sideris is the best Dentist I have had in my adult life . He takes my other medical conditions into consideration before ever touching my mouth or teeth. I have a condition called CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which makes things a little tricky to say the least. If you have a condition let your Dentist know or when you speak to reception let them know as it not only helps you it helps your dentist to provide you with the best dental care possible


(Testimonial for Dr Paul )