Choose Fastbraces ® on a Dental Payment Plan in Brisbane

Do you have a need for dental braces, but you’re worried about how long you might need to wear them, and how effective they might be? These are all valid questions that people often have when their dentist suggests braces as a treatment to straighten teeth. In the past, it was standard practice for braces to be in place for up to two years. That’s an awfully long time. Now, though, it’s possible to do the same job in less than a year. At Lumiere Dental in Tingalpa, we can fit Fastbraces® Technology that is designed to straighten teeth in as little as three months.

Fastbraces® work by moving the teeth differently than conventional braces. They feature a triangular bracket that uses a single wire, so the braces are less noticeable as well. Typically, you would wear the braces for three months up to a year, with some patients seeing positive results very quickly indeed. Fastbraces are more comfortable to wear too, so all round they are a good choice.

So You’ve Made Your Choice, Have You Considered a Payment Plan for your Dental Work?

Like it or not, any dental work is going to have some cost involved. We may not be talking about a large sum of money, but unlike regular bills, dental treatment isn’t something you tend to budget for on a monthly basis. If you need Fastbraces or another type of dental treatment, here at Lumiere Dental we have something that might be of interest to you.

We can offer you a payment plan for your dental work in Brisbane to spread the cost of your dental work over a few months. Paying your dental fees in this way makes a lot of sense because paying them in bite-size chunks is a lot easier than trying to swallow them all at once. Take it from us; because we know a lot about biting and swallowing, after all!

All you need to do is talk to one of our staff, and they can help devise the best plan for you, based on the dental work you’re having, and how much you can afford to pay each month. Usually, we only ask for a small amount as a deposit (20%), and the rest of your bill can be paid for on a monthly basis after that.

Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd is proud to be one of the original practices to offer DMA Dental Payment Plans.

Our Payment plans are perfect for those situations where dental treatment is needed, but the cost is unplanned.

Our Interest-free (not finance) payment plan option may be exactly what you need.

Expect staff are committed to work closely with you to ensure your payments are affordable and within your budget.

Sample Value Of Treatment $2,000
Deposit Amount $400
Weekly Payments over 25 weeks $64.00
Weekly Payments over 25 weeks with Care Plan Discount $57.60
  • Book in for a comprehensive exam or consultation with our DMA accredited Dentist
  • A Payment plan that works for you can be calculated
  • Pay only 20% and a small joining fee up-front
  • Pay the rest interest-fee direct debit up to 30 weeks.
  • If your a Care Plan member receive an extra 10% off.
  • Interest-free Payment plans – no finance.

A Dental Payment Plan in Brisbane is not Considered Finance

If you’re worried that taking out credit may be a problem for you, there is no need to worry. Dental payment plans from Lumiere Dental are completely interest-free, and therefore they’re not finance programs. Our goal is to help you pay for the essential treatment you need, so we don’t charge any interest whatsoever. In fact, if you take out a payment plan for your dental work with us, we’ll even reward you with an extra 10% off your bill!

Speak to us today if you would like more details about Fastbraces, any other dental work including emergency care, or if you need more information about payment plans. Call our office today on 07 3890 0254.

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