Spread the Cost of Dental Treatments with a Payment Plan Dentist

There are so many things to pay for these days. If you look at your bank statement, you will see payments for electricity, water, rent, mortgage, insurance plans, and many more other payments you have to make regularly. You may look at these with despair, but these regular payments help you to keep everything balanced.

For example, if your utility bills came in at random times for random amounts, how would you know how much money you need to pay it? How would you plan your finances from day-to-day? Regular payments are a way to forecast your finances and spread the cost of things. By doing this, we can run our lives so much more effectively and efficiently.

The same goes for health concerns such as paying for dentist bills. Although it might not be a regular thing like paying for electricity, there might come a time when you need some dental treatment such as dentures, crowns or implants. The cost of these may fall outside the amount you can manage all in one transaction, so why not ask for a payment plan from your dentist to help spread the costs?

Interest-Free Payments with Repayments You Can Afford

You can quickly and easily set up a payment plan at your dentist. At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we were one of the first dentists in the area to help our patients to set up a dentist payment plan in Brisbane. We did so because we know that dental work, especially work that isn’t regular such as check-ups, can be an unexpected and significant drain on your finances. A payment plan helps you spread the cost of the payments over a set number of months, so you know exactly how much money to put aside.

The best thing about a payment plan from a dentist in Brisbane such as Lumiere Dental, is the payments are entirely interest-free. In fact, they’re not even considered finance. All we do is take the cost of your treatment, ask you to pay as little as 20% up-front, plus a small joining fee (to cover administration costs), and the balance is divided up into affordable amounts that you can pay back at a set date each month. It’s as simple as that.

Central Dentists Tingalpa is proud to be one of the original practices to offer DMA Dental Payment Plans.

Our Payment plans are perfect for those situations where dental treatments is needed, but the cost is unplanned.

Our Interest-free (not finance) payment plan option may be exactly what you need.

Expect staff are committed to work closely with you to ensure your payments are affordable and within your budget.

Sample Value Of Treatment $2,000
Deposit Amount $400
Weekly Payments over 25 weeks $64.00
Weekly Payments over 25 weeks with Care Plan Discount $57.60
  • Book in for a compreensive exan or consultation with our DMA accredited Dentist

  • A Payment plan that works for you can be calculated
  • Pay only 20% and a small joining fee up-front
  • Pay the rest interest-free direct debit up to 30 weeks
  • If your a Care Plan member receive an extra 10% off
  • Interest-free Payment plans – not finance

We Work with You to Make Sure Your Treatment Stays Within Budget

At Central Dentists, we can treat you for all kinds of dental procedures, whether it be emergency care, reconstructive dentistry, braces (including our Fastbraces® Technology), dentures and much more. If you need any of these treatments, we can add it to one of our payment plans to ensure the essential work doesn’t break the bank. Our staff are fully trained and committed to helping you figure out an affordable amount each month that is within your budget. By doing this, we help you keep your smile in more ways than one!

Ask us today about our affordable interest-free payment plans from your favourite payment plan dentist in Brisbane. Call us on 07 3890 0254, or fill out our contact form.

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