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Are you looking for emergency dental care to fix that fractured crown or alleviate a recurring toothache? Or are you just looking for some high-quality orthodontics care for your teeth?! Make an appointment at our clinic to experience a new kind of dental care. At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd we treat our patients well. We respect and care for our patients and are always happy to see a familiar face walk into our clinic.

Our Excellent Service and Wynnum Dentists

At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we are committed to providing quality, compassionate care. We enjoy seeing the bright white smiles on our patients faces when they leave our clinic, always pleased by our complete dental care and excellent service. It is our goal to help people achieve optimum oral health not only through routine appointments and preventative care but by offering a broad range of life-enriching services that can help you look and feel better instantly.

We offer cosmetic dentistry for curved, stained, or chipped teeth, crowns as well as modern braces to help with realignments. All of our dentistry is provided by professionals who are passionate about the field of dentistry. Additionally, we offer many services traditionally provided by orthodontists, including Fastbraces®, a technology developed to take the long wait out of getting a straight smile. Fastbraces® are designed with a triangular shape that allows one single wire to run across the teeth to straighten them faster with a high level of safety and comfort.

We have some of the best dentists in Wynnum at our Wynnum dental clinic. We believe that all residents of Wynnum should have a conveniently located dental office that can cater to all dental needs whether they be cosmetic, preventative or emergencies.

Providing Exceptional Care and Comfort at our Wynnum Dental Clinic

We are committed to providing only the most comfortable and compassionate dentistry care to people with any dental need. We realize that it’s often uncomfortable to have any dental work done, which is why we place such a high value on providing our patients with friendly yet professional and understanding dentists. Our team of highly experienced dentists are people who have a passion for enhancing your life with a whiter, straighter, and cleaner smile. We love helping people form healthy habits to keep their teeth functioning optimally for a long time.

Since we believe that every person should have access to excellent dentists in Wynnum, we’ve made all our payment plans interest free. At Lumiere Dental Tingalpa pty ltd, we are interested in our patients and care for the well-being of every patient. Here, we are passionate about helping people live better lives with more smiles. We always put the good of our patients first, which is why we also have chosen to give our patients all the options for treatment and payment plans. We don’t believe in withholding options from patients to make a profit. We see you as humans, and we desire our patients to enjoy affordable quality dental care.

If you’re looking for one of the best dental clinics in Wynnum, go ahead and call us at our Wynnum dental clinic to schedule an appointment today!

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